Alamo Partners

From airlines to hotels, theme parks and many other great companies – you can earn rewards faster when you rent a car with Alamo and use one of our many excellent travel partners. Select a travel partner to learn how to earn miles, points and more on your car rental when you attach a Frequent Travel Program number to a new or existing Alamo reservation.

Airline Partners

Earn frequent flyer miles when you rent with Alamo and fly with any of our many airline partners.

Hotel Partners

Receive hotel discounts when you rent with Alamo and stay with one of our hotel partners.

Why Use Alamo Travel Partners?

Using one of Alamo's valued travel partners can help you get that most out of your rental now and later.

Choose from a wide variety of our travel partners to use with a new or existing reservation and start earning additional rewards, miles or points, or get discounted rates on future rentals.

Each of our travel partners has a special offer. Take a closer look to find out how you can earn more with Alamo.