Can I use EXPRESSTOLL if there is no tag installed in the vehicle?

1. If you opted in at the counter:

  • Yes, you can use the EXPRESSTOLL service on the M50 toll motorway only.
  • For all other toll locations, you will need to stop and use the self-pay option.
  • Please contact the Brand counter agent to determine the availability of an alternative vehicle equipped with EXPRESSTOLL for a preferred experience.

2. If you opted out at the rental counter:

  • No, you cannot opt in from the vehicle if there is not an installed transponder.
  • If you incur M50 tolls, you should pay them directly to toll authority.
  • If not paid within the defined time, you will be billed the cost of the toll and an additional handling fee of €8.5 (exempt from VAT) by Brand.

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